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Friday, July 30, 2004
More scores added thanks to Corpsreps.com. I have updated the 1982 yearbook page with scores for the DCI world championships in Montreal and the Canadian National Championships in Brantford, ON.

Not a bad year although we didn't win any championships and only managed to beat the Kavies once in North Tonawanda. Still, 19 out of 43 at DCI is pretty good. Who knew there were so many New York and Massachusetts corps in '82?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
I have added the "C" class prelims scores to the 1983 pages. Again these scores are from Corpsreps.com

I have finally added the scores for the 1983 National Championships to the 1983 yearbook page (4). I discovered this omission while writing about the 1983 "incident" (scroll up after clicking the link) at Provincials that year. The scores are from Corpsreps.com rather than my own records. I will confirm them with my documentation when I get a chance. Corpsreps.com also has scores for the "C" class prelims which I will add to the 1983 pages later.

I have also retired the homepage counter. I will replace it with something that works when I feel motivated.

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